Who to Contact

Who to Contact at Cheney ES?

Questions about your ESE student or an ESE program?

Ms. Tania Quinones, Staffing Specialist
407-858-4610 ext. 342-2225
[email protected]

Questions about your ESOL student, or an ESOL program?

Ms. Lakeisha Williams, CCT
407-672-3120 ext. 313-2239
[email protected]

Questions about Testing (FSA, i-Ready, FSAA)?

Ms. Connie Malanga, Curriculum Resource Teacher
407-672-3120 ext.313-2233
[email protected]

Questions about the Media Center or library books?

Ms. Charlene Bigio, Media Specialist
407-672-3120 ext.313-2227
[email protected] 

Questions regarding medical concern or medication?

Mr. Michael Garcia, School Nurse
407-672-3120 ext. 313-2240
[email protected]

Concerns regarding your child's lunch, allergies or special diet?

Cafeteria Manager
407-672-3120 ext. 313-2226

Questions about Extended Day, before and after school care?

Ms. Sonia Ortiz, Extended Day Coordinator
407-672-3120 ext. 313-2230
[email protected]